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2 Girls and 1 cup - Warning - NSFW - Grossest video on the Internet!
It starts off nice and then goes bad quick. Then when it looks like it can't get any worse, it does. It is probably not the best idea to watch 2 girls and one cup in front of priests, family memebers or co-workers.
The 2 girls and 1 cup video takes a few moments to load, have some darn patience.

Watch: The Original Two Girls and One Cup Video - MFX 1209

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About 2 girls and one cup:

2 girls and 1 cup is a love triangle between two girls, a cup and some poo. It starts off with some hot lesbo action. Then a girl shits in a cup. The two girls then start to eat the shit. One of the girls digests dome of the shit and then pukes it back up into the other girls mouth. Then that girl pukes into the other girls mouth. The video continues with both of them eating some more shit while puking into the cup of shit. Brilliant videography and story! A lesbian love story for the ages!

Read the movie and film review written up about 2 girls and 1 cup
Moments before the 2 girls and 1 cup video

This two girls one cup video shows what happens just moments before the actual filiming of 2 girls and 1 cup. Enjoy!

2 Girls and 1 Cup: Behind the Cup
Video documentary about 2 Girls and 1 Cup.

Behind the Cup: Written & Directed by Payman Benz Starring Tom Konkle & Dave Beeler Shot by Chris Darnell Music by Eanan Patterson Produced by Sean Becker & Chris Darnell

Video reactions to 2 girls and 1 cup

Joe Rogan watching '2 girls and one cup'
This is one of the best reactions to two girls and one cup in my opinion. Joe Rogan is real funny.

Another reaction video to 2 girls 1 cup
This time it's a reaction video to two girls and one cup from Scientists discovering the Internet.

Stewie's reaction to 2 girls and 1 cup
Brian the dog, has Sewie from Family Guy watch 2 girls and 1 cup. Pretty hilarious. It brings about the idea of 2 guys and 1 cup. Yikes.

Kermit the Frog reacts to '2 girls one cup'
Kermit gets naughty while watching 2 girls and one cup. Not expected at all but very funny.

2 Girls and 1 Cup, a Grandma's Reaction
Watch this reaction to two girls and 1 cup by an innocent grandma. She is setup big time. Props to her for watching the whole video.

More reaction videos to two girls and one cup.

Even more reaction videos to two girls and 1 cup.

More reactions to 2 girls and 1 cup
Some of the best reactions to the original two girls and one cup video.

2 Girls 1 Cup is by far the most disgusting video ever

One of the most watched videos on You Tube, 2 Girls 1 Cup Video has earned lots of criticism and many "2 Girls 1 Cup reactions videos" have surfaced on internet including the videos leader on internet- You Tube. It is supposedly the worst video on the web...simply inconceivable! Reactions to this repugnant video have been doing rounds on the internet as well as print and electronic media. One of the persons who watched Two Girls One Cup video said "After watching it I burned all of my things, got my name changed, and moved to a new state. Another reaction sums up the vile nature of the Video in these words, "After I watched 'two girls one cup' I wanted to burn my eyes out with a candle".

The "Two Girls One Cup Video" is definitely one of the most disgusting Videos posted ever on the internet. It is for sure that almost all of you must have heard about the two girls 1 cup video and many of you might have even watched it. It is pointless to ask how it feels after watching the disgusting acts of the two girls in the "Two Girls One Cup video". After watching this sick clip any sane person would not feel like watching it again.

What Parents Should Do?

“Two Girls One Cup Video” has exposed the risk of uncensored content on internet, which has entered a new phase where a user can post any content on the web. Such unregulated content poses grave danger to today’s teenager who is tech savvy and has easy access to internet. This kind of perverse content can greatly affect the mental and psychological growth of the youth at an impressionable age. This calls for great caution on the parts of parents who need to be aware of what their children are watching on net. Parents should ensure that suitable filters (which block obscene content) are installed on the computers.

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